aquus 1 |ˈakwʌs|

noun [ mass noun ]

realising a higher goal and growing towards it together.

The properties of water (or aqua) include transparency, fluidity, and unbounded power. Everything great that grows on this earth needs water.

We have created a results-based buyer’s agency for the benefit of all Australians. To create wealth in real estate it is all about buying well. We partner with our clients, working tirelessly until we secure outstanding properties atsensible prices.

Everything we do is based around our six core values:

·         Integrity ·         Confidence
·         Fun ·         Empathy
·         Relationships ·         Prosperity

About our CEO – Paul Sonntag

Integrity, empathy and transparency are the three pillars that Paul Sonntag lives his life and run his business by. Boasting a 14 year career in property across Australia and internationally, Paul offers an enormous depth in experience to his clients. Putting great deals together for the people he works with is what drives him above all else.

Paul’s childhood was spent on building sites, reading plans, and learning how to put together property deals with his father, one of Perth’s largest independent property developers. He started selling real estate at 20 years of age, and has orchestrated hundred and hundreds of property transactions. Paul is a seasoned negotiator and deal-maker, always putting his clients first in every decision. He has purchased property for client’s across Australia, whether it be homes, apartments, renovation projects or development sites. In 2016 alone these purchases have ranged in price from $367,000 up to $6.4 Million.

Beside being a licensed real estate agent and buyers agent in NSW and QLD, Paul holds a BSc from UWA, and an MBA from Hult International Business School where he graduated in 2012 with Distinction.

Outside of AQUUS, Paul spends time with his wife Marta, travelling internationally, investing in and renovating property, surfing, running and golf. He also loves giving back to the community, Paul volunteers weekly helping feed the homeless of Sydney’s CBD.

Contact Details

Mobile:  041114 2345


Charities AQUUS Supports

City Community Care

The Early Bird Cafe

The Early Bird Cafe itself prepares and serves breakfast to the homeless and the less advantaged of Sydney from Monday to Friday (including Christmas Day if that falls on a weekday)  – approximately 14,000 breakfasts per year.

It also provides:
(a)  clothing and footwear,
(b)  bedding materials, backpacks and hygiene packs,
(c)  reading material,
(d)  supplementary food and meals as available, and
(e)  general assistance and care,
for its customers.

AQUUS donates financially to this charity, and Paul also donates his time every Monday where he volunteers and helps feed approximately 60 homeless men and women each week.


Hope Child Africa

Hope Child Africa supports orphans and underprivileged children located in Mombasa, Kenya.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe, loving and supporting home for children who are orphans.  Care for the children is provided throughout their childhood to adolescent years. This is achieved through public awareness and subsequent fundraising, volunteering, donations and sponsorship’s for which the outcome is aimed to meet the needs of the children, including:

•    a clean and safe home environment;
•    education & life skills;
•    a balanced nutritional diet;
•    medical, physical & emotional care; and
•    a positive environment where the children are encouraged with physical activity, learning, and creative projects

AQUUS donated financially to this charity, and Paul was very fortunate to be in Kenya in 2011 when his close friend Belinda Buchanan started this orphanage.

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